The story of a photographer

My name is Ishara Henry and I am a self-taught photographer currently based in Mckees Rocks, PA. As an artist, I create as a means of expression but also as a means of connection. Whether I am working with a client to tell the story of their event, creating a portrait, or working on a personal project of my own, my goal is to make the viewer feel something when looking at one of my images. For me, photos are memories, moments in time, with emotions and feelings tied to them whether we are in those actual moments to experience them or not. My ability to capture those feelings and emotions allows me to connect with others on a deep and personal level. I consider myself an instrument, as a photographer, and it is a privilege to be used as such for someone to tell their story. Communication with clients before they are ever in front of the camera helps to ensure that, together, we're able to capture an authentic experience.

Photo Credit: Eszquire Harris

As a woman of color, I feel it is imperative that black and brown communities see ourselves in images representative of life, all parts of life, especially in images around Mental Health. In our communities, there is a stigma surrounding mental illness that I believe needs to end. I aim to use my artistry to do just that. I attribute the inspiration behind this passion to my parents as they both struggled with and succumbed to their mental illnesses. Partly, I think it happened that way because their issues weren't acceptable to talk about. No one should feel like they can’t speak about what they’re dealing with mentally and/or emotionally and that is what I plan to change through my work.  A technique I have been using to do this is capturing my mental health episodes and editing the images to reflect the emotions/feelings of that moment. It is a very vulnerable process, especially allowing others to view these images, but it has been the catalyst for so many conversations that may have not happened otherwise. Honestly, I feel that the conversations that my images spark could save someone’s life.

I am a very passionate about what I do and the quality of work that I provide. I understand that, for some of us, photos can become the only tangible thing that we have left to remember those closest to us. They can easily become a token of moments we can't replicate.


Out from the Mist 2021

Mindblown II August 2022

Greater Pittsburgh Arts Project (formerly Pittsburgh Paints) July 2022 December 2022

AACOA Kwanzaa Community Art Show December 2022

Hip Hop: A Black Tie Affair February 2023

Photo Credit: Julie Kahlbaugh